CT5PC Whitstable Tankerton Computer Repair

Who is CT5 PC?  

I am a Whitstable and Tankerton based IT professional with over twenty years of experience in PC based systems. If you having issues with your PC or laptop I can offer a low cost solution.

18 Bridgefield Rd Tankerton, Kent CT5 2PQ
Phone: 07769461094

Why Choose CT5 PC

All computer repairs are completed in your home, most within an hour. there is no need except on very rare circumstances for the desktop computer or laptop to be removed to a repair facility.

There are no travel fees within a three mile radius of  Whitstable Railway Station.

CT5 PC is a local Whitstable/Tankerton business with over twenty years of experience in PC and internet services.


CT5 PC can help you with other technology too. So as well as your PC we can also help with Tablets, MP3 Players, PDA's, Digital Cameras, Home Theatres, Printers and many other electronic devices not just your home computer.

All our appointments are arranged at a time to suit you. We even offer an emergency 2 working hour service if you have a really urgent problem similar issues in the future.

No Techno-speak, We will clearly explain what the problem is, and where possible instruct on how to avoid any similar issues in the future. Keeping your home computer or laptop at its best performance.

Is Your PC Infected?

Three signs that it might be are:

1. Pop up ads appear even when no browser is open - While not as common as they used to be, adware programs bombard their victims with advertisements. Sometimes for legitimate product; other times they contain links to malicious websites, sites that will attempt to drop more malware on your PC.

2. A Security program you never installed pops up scary warnings - Creating and distributing fake antivirus programs is a lucrative business. the perpetrators use drive by downloads or other sneaky techniques to get the fake antivirus onto your system, then display scary warnings about made-up threats. Naturally you have to register a payment before the fraudulent tool will "fix" the problem. And of course scanning for malware with a fake AV is super fast, since it's not actually doing anything.

3. Browser navigation gets redirected - Not every site redirect is malicious, but if you find that trying to reach Google takes you to an unfamiliar search site, you've almost certainly got a problem. Sometimes the redirect is more subtle. For example a banking trojan might divert your browser to a fraudulent site that looks just like your banks real site. In that case your only clue is the unfamiliar URL in the address bar.